Course Overview


This class is about hacker tools, not hacker tools.

MIT classes do not cover any of this content in detail. It’s hugely beneficial to be proficient with your tools: it’ll save you a lot of time (and the payoff time is very short).

We want to teach you about new tools, how to make the most of your tools, how to customize your tools, and how to extend your tools.

Class structure

We have 6 lectures covering a variety of topics. We have lecture notes online, but there will be a lot of content covered in class (e.g. in the form of demos) that may not be in the notes. We will be recording lectures.

Each class is split into two 50-minute lectures with a 10-minute break in between. Lectures are mostly live demonstrations followed by hands-on exercises. We might have a short amount of time at the end of each class to get started on the exercises in an office-hours-style setting.

To make the most of the class, you should go through all the exercises on your own. We’ll inspire you to learn more about your tools, and we’ll show you what’s possible and cover some of the basics in detail, but we can’t teach you everything in the time we have.

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